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Why Migrate

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Why migrate

There is no downside to Swiftmigrate, so why risk relying on aging systems?

We provide a completely risk-free solution that migrates your legacy VAX and Alpha applications to modern hardware, so you can enjoy the ease and reliability of a server with no need to reprogramme.

Financial savings

Not only is our migration solution risk-free, it also typically costs 30-50% less than your annual support contract. After we perform your migration, you can replace your old VAX support contract with an inexpensive server contract – in fact, it might even be covered by your existing support contract. And given that you won’t need as much power or air conditioning, your electricity bills will go down too, so you’ll start making savings from day one.

Reliability and uptime

One of the major benefits of Swiftmigrate is that the reliability of your VMS applications no longer depends on old VAX hardware, which is increasingly difficult to service. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the redundancy and fault-tolerance features that come with server architecture, building up the reliability as needed.

Features such as HSC clusters can be replaced by two striped RAID 5 sets (RAID 50). These will withstand up to four faulty disks without failing and include two hot-standby drives. If a drive does become faulty, the unit will automatically rebuild the RAID set ‘on the fly’ and inform you of the problem by email. The arrays also implement automatic load balancing and expand up to 128TB without incurring downtime. With current networking speeds, individual disks or clusters can be located anywhere on the network, taking advantage of your existing network architecture.

Improved performance

The superior performance of current PC server hardware means that, even with the virtualisation overhead, your new emulated system will run between five and ten times faster than your original one. Swiftmigrate systems are reliably supporting organisations with more than 800 concurrent users without any negative impact on performance.

  • Performance metrics: VUPs

    When running on a 2.4GHz quad processor server with 1GB RAM, Swiftmigrate’s virtualised solutions can achieve ratings of up to 500 VUPs (using SMP with 6 processors at up to 85 VUPs per processor). This is over three times faster than a VAX 6660 (at around 150 VUPs) and around 13 times faster than a MicroVAX 3100 Model 96 (at 38 VUPs).

  • Example: Oracle Database Performance

    The following results were taken from a trial by Oracle comparing a VAX 6650 with a virtualised solution running on a 2.4GHz quad processor server. On today’s mid-range or high-end servers, the performance improvements would be even greater.

3 speed comparison charts

Work environment

Traditional VAX hardware is bulky, noisy and power-hungry. By comparison, our virtualised VAX solution will fit easily into your existing server room or rack. It takes up less space and requires less power and air conditioning – and it’s considerably quieter too.

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