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VAX emulation software saves millions

£10 million and four years: that was the minimum estimated cost to replace one company’s VAX system. Swiftmigrate completed the task in a matter of months and saved the company over £9.5 million.

Swiftmigrate does it again

Since the release of Alpha migration tools we have been doing the same for Alpha users as we have been doing for VAX users for many years. We have already an installed base of 60 emulated Alpha systems – not bad for just 8 months! And this is just the start. Migrating to an emulated system achieves more than just cost savings – it eliminates the risk associated with relying on aging proprietary hardware once and for all.

Swiftmigrate leads the market

SwiftMigrate has completed more than 3000+ migrations without a single failure. With locations ranging from China to South America and applications as diverse as supermarkets and Nimrod defence systems, this sets it up as the most successful global cross-industry migrator of VAX and Alpha systems to servers.