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About us

After more than a decade working with VAX/VMS and Alpha/Tru64, Bob Fiander, one of the UK’s foremost experts in the field, established Swiftbase International Ltd to provide software and support services to these communities.20 years later, we’ve written countless VMS utilities and migrated over 1000 VAX and Alpha installations. Despite many of these being extremely complex, not a single one has failed. Now major blue chip companies and all of Britain’s major banks trust the migration of their complex systems to Swiftmigrate, and we’re known as the number one migration supplier.Our solution is the only one that can really be described as risk-free. We offer all customers a no win, no fee guarantee, which means that if you’re not completely happy with our products and services we won’t charge a penny. How many other providers can say that?In our 20-plus year history we’ve worked for major organisations in every sector. Our client base includes:

  • Many blue chip companies
  • Leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Most of the UK’s financial sector
  • International telecoms companies
  • Health and education organisations
  • Various police forces
  • The Government
  • The MOD
  • …and even a few SMEs

So if you’re running mission-critical applications on VAX or Alpha and want to improve their performance and reliability, please get in touch. Everyone at Swiftmigrate has a strong background in VAX and Alpha and we’re happy to chat through your options at no charge. We’ll even bring a demo to you so you can explore it in your own time.