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Migration process

Two days to freedom

icon-migration-homeIn just two days our expert engineers will migrate your VAX/Alpha system to a robust virtualised environment on a server.


No win, no fee



Your VMS applications will be exactly as before – except that they’ll be running much faster and more reliably. And if you’re not completely satisfied that your new system is better than the old one you won’t pay a penny.


Case studies

Success stories


More than 1000+ high profile organisations have chosen Swiftmigrate – read about their experiences here.

Eliminate business risks

Swiftmigrate is the only way to guarantee a safe migration from VAX/Alpha systems to a server. We use mirror-image migration to move and improve your applications so you never have to deal with failing legacy hardware again. Act now to future-proof your mission-critical VMS applications.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • Move VMS/Tru64 to your standard corporate hardware
  • Shake off the expensive support contract
  • Regain space, aircon and power AND make improvements
  • Complete image backups in four minutes and speed up those tedious support tasks to warp speed