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In no time at all your Alpha could look just like this ProLiant G10

700 VUPS, 10GbE

Incredibly fast IO subsystem
(AVTware V4.2.0)


Migration process

Two days to freedom

icon-migration-homeIn just two days our expert engineers will migrate your VAX/Alpha system to a robust virtualised environment on a server.


No win, no fee



Your VMS applications will be exactly as before – except that they’ll be running much faster and more reliably. And if you’re not completely satisfied that your new system is better than the old one you won’t pay a penny.


Case studies

Success stories


More than 3000+ high profile organisations have chosen Swiftmigrate – read about their experiences here.

VMware and Cloud-Perfect.

The latest version of AVTware has been designed to be cloud friendly. Whether you connect via your existing VPN or you use the inbuilt VPN AVTware will deliver.

No Matter how you deploy your VMS/Tru64 system, on Hardware, Hypervisor, or the cloud you’ll be fully supported and find all the help you need at SwiftMigrate to get you their.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • Move VMS/Tru64 to your standard corporate hardware
  • Shake off the expensive support contract
  • Regain space, aircon and power AND make improvements
  • Complete image backups in four minutes and speed up those tedious support tasks to warp speed