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Migration process

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Migration process

Swiftmigrate allows you to run your existing VMS/Tru64 applications on a server without any changes to source code or any need to reprogramme.

Two days to freedom:

Swiftmigrate engineers usually take just 48 hours to move your existing VAX/Alpha system to a virtualised environment. The work is typically carried out over a weekend to keep disruption to an absolute minimum – we take care of the whole process for you. When you come back to work on the Monday, your applications will be just how you left them, except they’ll be running much faster and more reliably.

All Swiftmigrate migrations conform to a defined, quality-controlled process that includes the following stages:

  1. Collect all required information about the original system, including hardware family and model, memory, storage devices, network, ports, peripherals, special graphics display requirements, OS version and license information.
  2. Create a standalone image of the original system.
  3. Select and install the correct virtualisation product.
  4. Configure the virtualisation product to match the required CPU, memory and hardware requirements of the original system.
  5. Apply the necessary licensing mechanism to the new system (usually via USB key).
  6. Restore the original system image onto the new system.
  7. Boot the new system and run all diagnostic tests to validate the restored image.
  8. Contact third parties as required to migrate OS licenses and/or support.


When the migration process is complete we’ll provide full written documentation of the migration for future reference and brief any technical support staff on the new system as required.

No-quibble guarantee:

Swiftmigrate operates a no win, no fee guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk involved for our customers. That means that if you’re not completely satisfied that your new system is better than the old one then you pay us nothing. To date, we’ve helped over 3000 companies migrate and they’ve all been delighted with our service.


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