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The amount of power and floor space required to operate this leading trading platform was unsustainable before Swiftmigrate moved it to an emulated system – and all without suspending operations.



eSpeed is a platform that operates real-time electronic marketplaces for global capital markets, including the world’s largest government bond and other fixed income and foreign exchange markets. VAX systems were the backbone of the eSpeed platform.

The problem:

The company’s London location was reaching capacity in terms of power consumption – the location simply did not have the infrastructure to cope with eSpeed’s increasing electricity demands. Floor space – a great deal of which was taken up by the VAX equipment – was also at a premium as the company grew.

The result:

Swiftmigrate transferred relevant applications to an emulated system in the company’s standard Windows service – and the VAX vanished almost overnight. This led to a marked fall in electricity consumption at the site and freed up crucial space within the office. The migration itself was performed in an extremely short period of time, which was critical as the eSpeed platform is constantly in use.


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